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Fiberglass + Silicone Pour Mats

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Pour Mats

Looking for a way to create paint skins from your acrylic pours? Or are you just a very messy artist (we might know a thing or two about this)?

Our non-stick, fiberglass and silicone Pour Mats are designed to make your life easy! For both resin and acrylic paint, you’ll be able to peel away the drips, once cured or dry.

The white Pour Mats are best suited for creating paint skins, as the woven fiberglass of the black mats is so thick that the pattern will show up on your paint skins.

Please note:

  • Both mats can be used in all Fluid Art applications (Resin Art or Acrylic Pouring).
  • The black Pour Mats are HEAVY DUTY.
  • To clean the Pour Mats, peel off any dried or cured resin or paint skin. #sosatisfying #justsayin. Then use a scrubby sponge with warm soapy water. If need be, soak your Pour Mat before cleaning.
  • Don’t scrape the surface of the Pour Mat with sharp objects.
  • They will stain if you use highly pigmented paint and pigment products (we say you should throw caution to the wind and let the colours do what they do!).
  • The mats are hand cut and may vary within .6 of a cm/one-quarter of an inch.
  • They can fray slightly at the edges. We leave them unfinished on the edge intentionally so they are ready for creating smooth skins.